General Membership Meeting – August 27, 2023

At the most recent HSPA general membership meeting on April 2, 2023, the board experienced considerable disruption from a minority group within the membership. This disruption prevented the orderly progression of the meeting, resulting in the board’s decision to vacate the premises for their safety.

This group’s behavior has deeply affected the board, necessitating a period of reflection and evaluation of the organization’s goals. This situation has been detrimental to the health of the organization and recovery may take time.

The previous board unanimously accepted the resignation of Trevor Lewin as President. Those board members wishing to go on record have made their resignation letters available on our website. This upheaval has impacted our ability to organize events such as the annual Picnic at Arc Isle and the recent Pride Walk in June.

Erin Holliday is recognized for her efforts in the securing the necessary permits and conducting outreach for organizing the Pride Walk.

Considering the circumstances, the board has decided to distance itself from the disruptive group to safeguard the organization and maintain its credibility in the Hot Springs community. I will remain in my position to ensure transparency and continuity. In addition, I will stand firm against any damaging statements about the board and possibly seek legal recourse if necessary.

A general membership meeting is scheduled at Emergent Arts on Sunday, August 27 at 3:00 PM. The AGENDA includes discussing the organization’s next steps, potentially including dissolution of the non-profit with the Secretary of State. As per our bylaws, this notice is being provided at least ten days in advance on the website, but due to outside obstruction we are unable to access the HSPA Facebook page. Also in adherence to the bylaws, only current paid members** are eligible to vote.

Membership details can be found out our website.

**To ensure an accurate roster for the meeting on August 27, membership joining and renewals will cease on Thursday, August 24.

Scot Key
Vice President





Open post


Hello Alliance members and friends. Happy Pride Month and we want to thank Emergent Arts and Erin Holliday for securing the city permit and organizing the Pride Walk this year, for always supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and for always supporting the Hot Springs Pride Alliance. We encourage everyone to support Emergent Arts and Central Theatre for the Pride Celebration on Saturday June 10 starting at 4:00PM at Grateful Head Pizza (where the parade started last year) and ending at Central Theatre, 1008 Central Avenue. Be sure to check out Central Theatre’s website for all of the weekend’s activities.

For those of you who were not present at the last Alliance general membership meeting at Emergent Arts on April 2, there were conversations regarding the Alliance and our board which have given the board pause to re evaluate what the Alliance’s role looks like going forward. We have accepted Trevor Lewin’s resignation as president.

For these reasons we stepped back from our cosponsorship of the Pride Walk and will not be hosting the annual Picnic at Arc Isle this year. We are grateful and thrilled that Emergent Arts and Central Theatre have stepped forward to create Pride month walk and activities – so please go out and support and show your PRIDE!

We wish thank all our supporters, donors and those of you who have reassured us publicly and privately that we were doing good in and on the right track for the community.

Happy Pride Month and we hope we can all unite and celebrate our diversity!

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AUGUST 27, 2023 | 3:00PM