HSPA February Board Meeting 2023

February 26, 2023

  1. Welcome: Trevor
  2. Treasurer’s report: Tod
  3. Secretary’s report: Bernie – Approval of Minutes from 1/11/23 Board Meeting.
  4. Old Business:
    • a. Letterhead and Business cards
    • b. Brad: Grant writing
    • c. Heather: 2023 Calendar
    • d. Bob: LGBTQ+ Network
    • e. Shawn: Estate Planning and Wills
    • f. Sandy: Update Resource Directory
  5. New Business
    1. Bylaws:
      • a. Review the bylaws revision
      • b. Companion Policies and procedures document
    2. Define Board positions
      • a. President shall post the board agenda on the website and Facebook
        • i. Post meeting agenda a week in advance on our social media pages
      • b. Vice President basically has no job
        • i. Make the Vice President the “personal manager”
          • 1. Assist committees
          • 2. Follow up on assignments
      • c. Secretary shall facilitate communications within the Alliance.
        • i. Board only or for all membership
        • ii. Email correspondence to membership
        • iii. Reminders of meetings
      • d. Should the Treasurer should have some responsibility for financial reporting
        • i. Report to and keep up with the 501(c)
      • e. Social director keeps track of social events
        • i. Lauren Denton is willing to keep track of events
        • ii. Wider variety of events for all social groups
        • iii. Maintain event calendar on the website
      • f. How can we best Service our community
      • g. How many Educational events should we have in a year
      • h. Outreach
        • i. How can we add to the Resource/Professional directory on the webpage
      • i. Ally
    3. Committees
      • a. Each ‘action’ board position should have an assigned committee member
        • i. Assist in projects
        • ii. Hold the committee member accountable to their tasks
    4. Board member positions are currently set for 2 years per term
      • a. Half the board positions are up for election each December
      • b. We missed elections this past year
      • c. Criteria for selecting board members:
        • i. Board members should reflect our diversity
        • ii. Video: Building a board for a successful future
    5. 5. Membership
      • a. Benefits of membership
    6. 6. Reflection:
      • a. Are we fulfilling our mission statement?
      • b. How are we serving our community?
      • c. What are the strong points?
      • d. What are our weak points?
    7. 7. Goals:
      • a. Create volunteer roster and utilize it
      • b. How can we better serve the LHBTQ community?
        • i. What services should we be providing?
        • ii. Add Pat as a chaplain
      • c. How can we attract and keep more members?
      • d. How can we attract regular donors?
        • i. A donor needs a cause
        • ii. Why would someone give to us instead of to the Tuggle clinic directly
    8. 8. Events:
      • a. Requirement or guidelines for us to promote Events
        • i. Official Pride event
        • ii. Unofficial pride event
      • b. Pre-Pride party
      • c. PRIDE month activities
        • i. Gallery Walk
        • ii. Pride Walk/Parade
        • iii. Picnic
        • iv. After walk party
      • d. Halloween fundraiser
      • e. Christmas party
      • f. Splash Thursdays
      • g. Other social events
        • i. Diner Club
        • ii. Art and Wine
        • iii. OWLS
        • iv. Car club
        • v. Other events…
        • 1. Pickleball, hiking, camping, knitting, book club, choir…
      • h. Create a master calendar of events on website and Facebook
        • i. Liability insurance for meetings/parties
        • i. Injury
        • ii. Alcohol
    9. 9. Social Media:
      • a. Vic Miller is willing to take the job
      • b. Should we cut the Open Facebook page?
      • c. Newsfeed on the website for current/relevant/political news
    10. 10. General:
      • a. Bob Loos gave us a year’s subscription to Lgbtcenters.org (Center link)
      • b. Should we reply to the State legislature concerning all the new anti-gay issues
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Happy PRIDE Month!
Please read our special message here.