HSPA General Membership Meeting Agenda

Sunday, April 2, 2023, 2:PM

Emergent Arts Gallery

  1. Call to order: Trevor
  2. Treasurer’s report: Tod
  3. Social report: Scot
  4. Member moment: John Smid
  5. Amendments discussion: Board/membership
  6. Voting on proposed Bylaw revisions:
  7. Board position nominations:
  8. Voting for Board members:
  9. Upcoming events announcement:
    • Pre-Pride party at Superior
    • Pride Walk/Parade
    • Pride Picnic
    • Halloween fundraiser
    • Splash Thursdays
  10. Adjournment


There are 6 propositions to amend the bylaws to be ratified:

Proposition 1: General Membership Elections
General Membership Elections will be determined by a simple majority vote.

Proposition 2: Article of Termination
A board member may be removed from their position by a Two-Thirds vote of the board for any one of the following reasons: A board member fails to attend three consecutive meetings without excuse. A board member is involved in dishonest conduct. A board member knowingly and purposely violates the bylaws. A board member is unable to adequately fulfill the duties for which they were elected. A board member is deemed hostile to the board or its objectives.

Proposition 3: Article of Board Member-at-Large
The Outreach position shall be combined with the Social position and the Education position shall be combined with the Service position. Two new Board Member-at-Large positions shall be created to replace the ones that were combined. These two new positions shall be filled and treated in accordance with the Bylaws concerning any other board member position.

Proposition 4: Article to Clarify Office Terms
Term of Office – The term of office for members of the Board of Directors, shall be two-year staggered terms, with half being elected at each Annual General Meeting in December. Board members are limited to two, two-year consecutive terms. If there is no opposition for their position at the end of said term, then they may be elected to continue in the position for another term. A board member may run for another position on the board at the end of their term if there is no opposition for the position at that election. A board member is eligible to again run for a position on the board after they have remained off the board for at least one year.

Proposition 5: Article to Fill Board Positions
New board members may be nominated by current board members or general members (including themselves) for a vacant position by informing the President of their interest in the position no later than 7 days before the next board meeting. Any board nominee must be vetted by the board and approved for a General Membership meeting election. Nominees are encouraged to attend board meeting to observe and deliberate, without a voting status. The approved candidate will be confirmed by the general membership at the next General Membership meeting.

Proposition 6: Notification from the President
Notifications including the agenda will be posted on the Webpage.

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